Sunday, July 31, 2011

sunday's story...

 just a few pieces from "how do you think it feels?":
" In my dream, I felt something uncurling inside me, something moving and changing. The cold of stone, a lifetime of darkness. A rending, and a ripping, as if my heart were breaking; a moment of utter pain. Blackness and strangeness and blood. ...the crack in my chest healed, knit and mended, and the cold hand vanished for good. I felt my eyes closing once more. I was tired, and I swam back into the comforting, sake-flavored dark. ...I wonder if I shall ever see her again, and I realize that I scarcely care. I can feel the sheets beneath me, and the cold air on my chest. I feel fine. I feel absolutely fine.
I feel nothing at all."
                    A short story from neil gaiman's, Fragile Things .
inspiration for the story...
"Gargoyles, it occurred to me, were placed upon churches and cathedrals to protect them. I wondered if a gargoyle could be placed on something else to protect it. Such as, for example, a heart..."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

sunday's story... thanks Stuart

...and they walked out and stood on the edge of the sea there for a while
and when they turned around to walk back to the road the boy said,
"Do you want to take my hand?" and the girl said, "Take it where?"
and although he afterward thought he should have said, "Everywhere," he only just mumbled.
-Impossible Thing 2