Monday, July 23, 2012

on being so out of it...

I've been so absent on here lately, I know. I didn't mean to be but there are some issues (or really just one big issue) going on right now. I so want to write about it, I mean this is my blog, and I know you all are the sweetest and have the best advice, but I'm not going to get into it because it would just become a big emotional post on how I really just wanted a clean little house with a cute little family and maybe a little mobile shop. And okay, I did close myself off while I was waiting for these wanted things to line themselves up when I really should have tried to work with what I had..but then, what I had was closer to pretty bad than good and so easily fixable.
However, these things apparently just couldn't happen.
Anyway, I did say I wasn't going to get into it, didn't I? Therefore, I guess I'll be back to posting something a bit lighter once I feel a little less abandoned and screwed over.

**edit: so definitely "screwed over" was emotionally charged. I can totally stand to take that one back. Also, in every situation, I don't think I can wait for things to line up for themselves anymore. We really shouldn't do that, should we