Sunday, May 27, 2012

tele-photos, May giveaway winner & a peek... next months Giveaway. I'll put up the actual June Giveaway post very soon where you can comment-to-win and you'll be able to see more of the cute goodies. In the mean time...
The June giveaway will be lovingly sponsored by Meadowlark! 

Oh.....the randomly selected winner of the May giveaway is Hannah! (it goes to show it totally helps when you have more than one entry!) so Hannah, just email me your info so I can send your goodies off!

These photos are from a Portland weekend by the waterfront and the Portland Rose Festival Cityfair!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ootd: thrifted...

My day has been mostly spent cleaning and finding new homes for everything I don't need. I would just love to be in a space that is clutter free! I seem to always get in this kind of a mood after a stay in a nice, clean hotel room. Maybe I should just live in a hotel, no? Anyway, I just thrifted this dress for $1 and I couldn't wait to wear it! It's a little Moroccan and I love it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

pretty dessert stands...

After dinner in Minneapolis, we came across the most tempting bakery windows. I mean tempting! I think it may have been a good thing that they were closed for the night! Aside from how delicious the pastries looked, what also caught my eye were the pretty stands they were displayed on. Then I realized these stands were more than regular store-bought dessert stands. They were all either cute goblets turned upside down or vases with little platters and plates attached to the tops of them! Why haven't I seen these before, or thought of making these stands myself!?! (well maybe because desserts around here may not last long enough to display them, but still!) Have you guys done this? Cake and cupcake stands can get so expensive, but this is such a great alternative! Imagine the color combinations! Plus, thrift stores seem to always be packed full with little vases and cute plates for practically nothing. Ahhhh, imagine a little table full of upside down vintage goblets of every height, displaying pretty cupcakes!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

tele-photos: day trip

travel bags
I thought I'd share some "tele-photos" from our little day trip to Minneapolis. I didn't take as many photos as I normally do when I go somewhere new. Really I'll blame it on my hands being full of tissues for my watery eye and runny nose and the fact that we were running on maybe a couple of hours of sleep. I don't think I was in the greatest of moods. However the weather was great, there were lots of train rides, lovely buildings, dark chocolate drizzled caramel corn, delicious dinner at Hell's Kitchen, visiting the Mall of America, and of course staying a night in a hotel. *sigh* I love a good hotel. If I could go on vacation and just stay at the hotel, I would be one happy girl! Just stick me in a clean hotel room full of pressed sheets, fluffy pillows, a great big bed, and turn down service (oh turn down service!!) Try putting a chocolate for yourself on your own pillow...not as special!

 1. pre-flight dinner at the airport Rogue
2. First time at the Minneapolis airport!
3. larger than life Snoopy in my favorite outfit.
4. Boarding the train
5. Super huge figures made from Lego pieces (spanning 2 floors!) @ the Mall of America
6.vines on an old hotel
7. Mall of America
8. lovely cathedral
9. Painted facade in Renaissance Square
10. Mary Tyler Moore (obviously) 
11. Through a bakery window (more on that tomorrow)
12. In the lovely hotel room (where I could've spent FOR.EV.ER!)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dilemma... style.
I have this style dilemma. Maybe you can help. I'm not one to just wear something because it's my size. I like finding pieces that not only fit me, but fit me well. I search for things like cinched waists, thick belts and fitted tops to enhance my shape while trying to avoid adding to it. I know things like crop tops, maxi skirts, high-low hems, pants, shorts, batwing sleeves or pretty much any top with an excess of material just don't suit me. I am really okay with that. Mainly because I am not comfortable in how those items look on my body, even if they are my size, they don't fit me.
My "problem" right now are these playsuits. I mean, they're too adorable! I am a big fan of  ASOS Curve. My greatest, prettiest dresses that make me feel great are all from there. Anyway, I usually try to just scroll past these ridiculously cute playsuits, but they just won't go away! They keep adding more and lowering prices and now...what do I do?! They look like a blast! They are essentially shorts, which I know I don't feel comfortable in. However, I really think I could wear them...with stockings, maybe? I guess I just keep thinking..."sure they are my size...but does that mean they'll fit me?" or do I just say "the hell with it...they look like fun and I'm doing it!" What do you think, have you had any good experiences with them?
- Green playsuit with gingham bow
- Playsuit with cute collar
- Playsuit with pussy bow

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Giveaway: Bijou Box & PiccadillyLilly! (CLOSED)

All I can say is that the winner of this one sure is a lucky duck!! I would love to keep this one for myself.
The winner will receive: 
* 2 bracelets from Bijou Box, in the prettiest Spring color! Let me just point a couple things out too...these photos don't do it justice! The bracelets are made of these bright, beautiful quality beads. One features delicate gold tone spacers and the other has a super pretty crystal bead that sparkles brightly in any light! I am definitely a fan of them. Also, the winner will be sent a coupon code to be used in the Bijou Box shop so you can definitely start your own arm party.

* the winner will also receive a cute Spring pouch and matching double bow accessory made by me! I really love how these two items complement the bracelets so well. The pouch and accessory will definitely be reincarnated and added to the PiccadillyLilly shops. The pouch is made from a cute floral fabric, lined in a contrasting black & white stripe, featuring a lime green zipper and a mod daisy zipper pull! Ahhhh...I'm in love. Also, the accessory has a barrette back and a bar pin back so you can switch things up. They remind me of Lilly Pulitzer, which was not intentional, but it really doesn't surprise me that it subconsciously come out that way!

*There are 2 ways to enter*
1. Become a follower of this blog (via Google or email- both can be found in the sidebar) and leave a comment telling me you've done so. 
2. Since not everyone has GoogleFriendConnect. Follow me on Instagram and leave another comment telling me you've done so.Username: piccadillylilly
*If you are able and willing to follow me on both, then that's 2 comments and 2 entries for you!*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer inspiration dresses...

These are my "inspiration dresses" because although these exact dresses may not find their ways into my closet, I can definitely see them inspiring any I plan on making for myself in the future. Besides, I love shopping for overly priced pretty dresses, adding them to my online wishlists, then never feeling guilty about actually spending all that money on buying them! Come on, I know you do it too...