Saturday, August 3, 2013

journal de voyage: Musée du Louvre

My dear and unfortunate successor,
              The "highlight" on this day, back in May of 2013, was the Musee du Louvre. However, before we ended up there, we sat on a bus for a while. It was a really good idea from the worldly Rick Steves. Riding it through the city you get a chance to cover a lot of ground and spot places you want to go back and visit..." oh that place is so cute!" "lets get pastries there!" "I want to get pictures there!"(and more of the like).
Anyway, we finally made it to the Louvre. Let me first say that, yes, it was super great and yeah, you "just have to see the Mona Lisa in person!" and most of the art is pretty breath-taking and Napoleon's Apartments were f-ing amazing!! but all in all, if I had to choose between going to the Louvre and just about any other Parisian art museum, I might choose "any other Parisian art museum." Like the Musee d'Orsay....that place was definitely MY DEAL.
Back to the Louvre: it takes a lot of patience to really see all the art in that place. It was really hard to breath! So many people, no air conditioning (or none that you were aware of), the anxiety of pick-pockets, the price of water!!

It turns out that I really just liked the exterior of the museum, but that's just me. I kind of fall in love with the exteriors of any old place.
 Oh the Napoleon Apartments!! I did like them a little too...