Wednesday, February 5, 2014

en ce moment j'aime...

Years&Years. I guess I think about them every time one of their songs comes up on my playlist, but what's really got me hooked right now is their new video (watch it here) for Real. The beats, Olly Alexander's voice and lyrics, Ben Whishaw dancing. Oh...Ben Whishaw's like, I don't know, my heartbeat or something.

Um...these stockings!! Okay, so for me, ASOS US pretty much always had my heart. Now, I think I'm just going to send them my soul for always having a MUCH better selection of dresses, skirts, stockings, you-name-it in my size (and probably in yours too!) Also, free shipping and returns. Come on!

INVSN. When you like a band or musician you tend to follow whatever project they're involved in and sometimes it's great and sometimes...not so much. You kind of cringe a little and hope they'll get back to something you can relate to. But you know, between Dennis and I, (yes. I said 'Dennis and I' because if you knew me, you wouldn't expect me to phrase it any other way!) there's never been a cringe moment. Even with the Lost Patrol band, you know, when Dennis came out with the most sentimental sap you could ever hope to ring out of a person? Even that, I loved it. Like everything he records reaches me at just the right time in life. Whatever, INVSN is perfect for me right now. It reminds me of cutting my hair over the bathroom sink with Joy Division in the background.  A time and feeling I really needed to be reminded of.
Anyway, it's still on the music side of things, which I'm pretty sure does take up 2/3rds of my loves right now. Actually, yes, this list is a pretty accurate representation of my loves at the moment; 1/3rd clothes and 2/3rds music.